9 Steps How to Draw a Hoodie Easily

Hoodies are perhaps the most popular item of clothing among all age groups, whether they are children or adults. Why shouldn’t it be, then? One of the most comfortable items of clothes ever! Both males and females can put on hoodies. Your youngster can follow an easy step-by-step tutorial to learn how to draw a hoodie in this art project.

Hoodie-related fun facts that you probably didn’t know before

In the United States, hip-hop culture made hoodies widely accepted. Prior to this, however, they were created to shield warehouse employees from the bitter winters of 1930s New York. Even further in the past, hooded gear that kept people warm has been mentioned. This apparel has been around for ages. Some hypotheses aim to place the origin of hoodies around 3,000 years ago.

What materials are required to draw a Hoodie?

  • To draw a hoodie, you will require these materials
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Drawing Paper
  • Black Marker
  • Crayons/Color Pencils

How much time does drawing a hoodie require?

You’ll need between 25 and 30 minutes to draw a hoodie. Is that really not much?

How to draw a Hoodie

In essence, a hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood.

Let’s start by sketching a straightforward hoodie without a person inside it before moving on. This will help you to comprehend how to sketch a hoodie that is free of wrinkles.

First, mark the edges of the hoodie with two lines. The lines should not be perfectly straight and should have a tiny downward dip.

how to draw a hoodie

Let’s pull up the sleeves now. The shoulders and sleeves are represented by two additional lines that are parallel to the lines we just drew at the side.


Draw the hoodie’s pocket now; it is an inverted plateau.

Let's draw the pocket of the hoodie

Next, we just complete the shapes to design the ends of the sleeves and the hoodie.

We now draw the ends of the sleeves and the main hoodie.

Now, draw the hoodie’s neck. A straightforward “V” shape will do. When drawing, always use simple forms. By dissecting the drawing into shapes, we may make it simpler.

Let's draw the neck of the hoodie.

To make it appear more authentic and rustic, I intentionally leave little spaces between the lines.

The hood of the hoodie must now be drawn. Therefore, on the hoodie’s top, simply draw a plateau form.

Now, I'm going to draw the hood of the hoodie.


Finally, let’s draw the neck hole to complete the hood.

And the neck hole of the hoodie.


By creating two straightforward drawing strings and some folds on the ends of the hoodie, we can complete the drawing.

We end the drawing by drawing the draw strings and some lines on the hoodie ends.

This gives our hoodie a highly polished appearance! We can now choose any color for the hoodie. I’m going to choose a pretty, pastel shade of pink.

Color the illustration by coloring in with any color you like.


Creating a hooded sweatshirt with the hood down

A straightforward cartoon hoodie is really simple to create.

It just requires drawing straight lines because the object is flat on a surface.

But now that we need to design creases in the garment, painting clothes on a person becomes a little more challenging. You’ll be able to draw a hoodie on a person with the hood down very quickly if you carefully follow this tutorial!

Let’s start by creating a straightforward cartoon head.

Draw a simple head first

I’m going to sketch a woman’s body underneath the hoodie since we are learning how to draw a hoodie on a girl here. Let’s sketch a narrow, delicate neck as well as the “V”-shaped neckline of the hoodie.

Then we draw the neck of the character

Now, this person does not have a hood on. The hood of the hoodie will therefore be drawn on her shoulders.

Because she is wearing numerous clothes and a big hood, keep the lines wavy.

Now the hoodie. This hood is attached to the sweatshirt.


Let’s finish the hood of the hoodie now.

Now we draw the hood

Keep in mind to write fluid, loose lines. Your drawing will look more realistic and natural as a result.

Let’s now draw the hoodie’s body. Remember to take the girl’s hoodie into consideration! I’m also wearing one sleeve to help you visualize what I’m painting.

Like we previously created, the hoodie lines curl inwards toward the end.

Now, lets draw the body of the hoodie along with one sleeve

Draw the hoodie’s end now. The lines should be loose. Keep in mind that nothing is rigid or straight.

Let's end the hoodie, keep simple shapes

Draw the other sleeve at this time as well. Keep the “S”-shaped lines free-flowing. The secret to painting clothing on a character is to maintain the lines flowing while they move toward gravity and downward.

Draw the sleeves of the hoodie

After that is finished, let’s sketch the hoodie’s and sleeves’ ends. Keep in mind that these are typically small, thus using straighter lines is OK.

Draw the hands, then. The girl’s arms are completely covered by the long hoodie. The hands are thus scarcely discernible.

Complete the illustration by drawing the hands

Let’s finish by coloring the hoodie. I’m using the same shade of pastel pink as I did before. The hoodie on this girl can be any color.

Color the illustration completely about how to draw a hoodie


I hope you found this in-depth tutorial useful and were able to learn how to draw a person wearing a hoodie.

I am aware that painting garments might be difficult.

However, it gets simpler the more you practice drawing people, clothes, and hair!

Post a comment below if you’d like to see additional tutorials on people and hair. To learn how to draw people and clothing, check out my other tutorials on drawing people.

Keep an eye out for more sketching instructions for clothing on this site as I add them.

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