The 7 famous and best restaurants in Beijing appreciated by tourists

Beijing food is renowned for its salty and complex flavors. Since the Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties, duck, mutton, and other meats have been available for consumption. The Shandong cuisine, in particular, has a significant influence on Beijing food over the years, as well as many other culinary traditions from throughout China.

There are a number of the best restaurants in Beijing, one for every taste and price range. The Chinese capital has seen a growth in the number of fine dining establishments in recent years, which is a reflection of the financial sector’s quick development in China. Today, Beijing offers some of the world’s best haute cuisine along with high luxury.

Top 7 best restaurants in Beijing

Opera Bombana

Opera Bombana dining
Opera Bombana dining

One of Beijing’s most distinctive Italian eateries is called Opera Bombana. Umberto Bombana, a chef with three Michelin stars, has constructed a “contemporary and polished Italian restaurant” to satisfy the high-end clientele in Beijing. He employs the art and expertise of elite chefs and wine experts to uphold an immeasurably high standard. Opera Bombana features outstanding Italian cuisine produced with the finest ingredients and inventive modern surroundings. Another triumph is the cocktail bar, which serves up some exquisite pre-dinner beverages while a seasoned wine manager selects the ideal wine for each course.

King’s joy

When King’s Joy’s owner urged them to advertise vegetarian meals to the outside world, the restaurant’s chef was a follower of a Jiangxi-based Buddhist temple. The most distinctive atmosphere in Beijing for eating “royal” vegetarian cuisine may be found at the opulent King’s Joy restaurant. Being an all-vegetarian restaurant in China proved to be a successful business decision: affluent Beijingers rushed to experience the inventive vegetarian dishes and the classy and healthful “Oat Nut-Mix Soy” beverage. King’s Joy, a company dedicated to the lofty ideals of health and environmental awareness, carefully chooses ingredients from nearby farms to ensure the highest level of freshness and quality.

King's joy Restaurant in Beijing
King’s joy Restaurant in Beijing
In close proximity to Yonghe Palace lies the vegetarian-friendly restaurant King’s Joy. In Beijing’s ancient city, it is close to the Confucian Temple and other cultural hotspots. The restaurant is run by a world-renowned chef who formerly had a position at a three-star Michelin establishment. The components are chosen with care in order to maintain freshness. The environment is cozy and stylish, and the inside is beautifully created.
The food tastes nice and is also expertly presented. People from all walks of life greatly regard it for its organic and nutritious vegetables. It has been recognized as one of the top restaurants in the world by the French publication LA LISTE. Despite being next to Yonghe Palace and surrounded by tourists, the restaurant’s general design is serene and natural, offering a pleasant garden setting in the busy downtown region.

Beijing Temple Restaurant

Beijing Temple Restaurant
Food from Beijing Temple Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Beijing for the past several years is Temple Restaurant Beijing, which won the 2015 Beijinger Reader’s Restaurant Awards. It is a top international cuisine restaurant. TRB is a fusion of old and new, fusing traditional and modern architecture, and is housed in a complex building that is a 600-year-old Chinese temple. The restaurant’s historic setting in Beijing serves as an introduction, and the French refinement of the menu is complemented by the restaurant’s contemporary and chic Scandinavian decor. One of the best in Asia, according to the restaurant’s wine list. For those who want to indulge in fine international food without sacrificing the charm of the local area, TRB Hotel is the ideal option.

Chinese BBQ

China Grill in Beijing
China Grill in Beijing

China Grill, which is housed on the top level of the opulent Park Hyatt Hotel, offers a breathtaking 360-degree panorama of Beijing, particularly at night. Although there is a lot of meat on the menu, there is also a good selection of fish, salads, soups, and Chinese meals. There is also a sizable wine list available. Open kitchens, a common feature in Beijing’s upscale eateries, bring a sense of vitality and freshness. The 65th-floor view from China Grill’s sleek, elegant, and incredibly lovely interior will nearly make you feel like you’re dining in the clouds. Experiencing this is a given for everyone visiting Beijing.


Hadilao- Best restaurants in Beijing
Haidilao in Beijing
On a chilly winter day, there’s nothing quite like gulping down Haidilao’s renowned hot pot soup with its constantly-changing spicy Sichuan broth. The warm soup will ease your throat while the lajiao (a Sichuan pepper) will numb your tongue. The bustle of attentive servers and diners gathered around large metal pots while sharing a meal with friends makes the entire experience strangely homey. Ask for the noodle pulling chef/dancer to come to your table, and when they do, add excellent meats to your salty or spicy broth. Haidilao is a great place to try hot pot for the first time or if you think it’s not for you because of its superb service, dedication to quality, and wide variety of flavor options.

Il Ristorante Niko Romito

Il Ristorante Niko Romito -Best restaurants in Beijing
Il Ristorante Niko Romito

There are 70 seats in the restaurant, which is open for lunch and supper, has breathtaking views of a park. Il Ristorante Niko Romito, one of the best Italian restaurants in Beijing, has elegant furnishings to offer a wonderful dining experience, including specially created Murano glass chandeliers, chairs, and columns covered in dark-brown leather to contrast the lighter tones of the walls and floor. Niko Romito, a Michelin-starred chef from the Abruzzo area of Italy, is the mastermind behind Il Ristorante’s exquisite cuisine.

Il Ristorante Niko Romito - Best restaurants in Beijing
Il Ristorante Niko Romito

Romito produced a true “canon” of modern Italian cuisine for the Bvlgari Hotel Beijing by creating a brand-new concept that adheres to his core principles of simplicity, synthesis, and the pursuit of the essence of flavor. Romito creates a cuisine for the Bvlgari Hotel Beijing that best captures the culture, elegance, and vitality of “Made in Italy” while operating out of his headquarters in Italy.

Dadong- Peking Duck Restaurant

A Peking duck restaurant with a global outlook and a stellar reputation among tourists is Dadong. In addition to the Peking duck, there are many other inventive recipes that include Western cuisine. Additionally, it is a family-friendly eatery.
Best restaurants in Beijing
Da Dong Roast Duck
Dadong employs cutting-edge international culinary technology that has received praise from CNN and other regional media sources. Because Dadong’s unique roasting technique differs from conventional methods, its roast duck is extraordinarily crisp but not oily. For reservations at this exclusive Beijing restaurant, make sure to plan ahead.
In conclusion, Beijing’s culinary scene offers dishes from all of China’s provinces as well as Western and Eastern international cuisines. Peking Duck restaurants, Chinese and European fine dining options, an American-style brewpub, a dumpling house, and hot pot shops are all available. The term “best restaurants in Beijing” can be difficult to define, but all of the eateries on our list use top-notch ingredients, receive excellent ratings from the general public, and have their own unique personalities.

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