The 8 Best Prenatal Massage In Atlanta

Prenatal massage is also a common type of massage for pregnant women preparing to give birth. It has the effect of reducing pain, relaxing muscles and circulating blood in the body. The 8 Best Prenatal Massage In Atlanta will introduce you to the best prenatal massage places in Atlanta.

1. The benefits of prenatal massage

Pregnancy is a time of great change for a woman. When the body takes on a new germ, all the organs in the body are affected and must change to adapt to this momentous period. Does massage help mothers during pregnancy?
Pregnancy massage is a massage therapy designed specifically for the needs of pregnant women and is also known as prenatal massage. The 8 Best Prenatal Massage In Atlanta will show you the benefits of prenatal massage.
During pregnancy, a woman’s body will change along with the growth of the baby and this will cause a lot of discomfort for the mother. As the mother’s belly grows large forward, the center of gravity is placed on the abdomen containing the baby, the position of the mother’s body must also change to align the center of gravity.
For a lot of women, this shift in focus puts stress on joints and muscles, leading to back pain, pelvic pain, neck, shoulder, or sciatica. Some ligaments in the pelvic area (round ligaments) will stretch to accommodate your baby’s growth.
This change can cause pain in the pelvis, the pain usually lasts only a few seconds and occurs when you change position, but in the last weeks of pregnancy the pain can be long and continuous. more customary.
Prenatal massage effectively relieves pain in the back, pelvis, neck, shoulder, or sciatica. During pregnancy, symptoms of swelling and edema in the legs are very common.
Fluid buildup tends to be more pronounced in a mother’s ankles, legs, and feet as the uterus grows, putting increased pressure on the veins in the legs. Massage can help reduce swelling in the legs and feet.
Designed to relieve discomfort during pregnancy, prenatal massage is also used to boost mood, improve sleep, and promote general well-being for pregnant mothers.

2. The 8 Best Prenatal Massage In Atlanta

The NOW Massage

Established in 2015. This is the first place that The 8 Best Prenatal Massage In Atlanta introduces to you. NOW Massage is designed as an oasis to disconnect from the outside world.
NOW Massage’s goal is to provide high-quality massage services for pregnant women to choose from without the time and expense commitment of a traditional spa service.
The NOW Massage
The interiors of NOW Massage have been widely recognized for their high aesthetic appeal, inspired by exotic destinations from around the world. With luxurious design and good service, NOW Massage is the ideal place for pregnant women looking for a massage in Atlanta.

Address: 3655 Roswell Rd NE Ste 116 Atlanta, GA 30342

Phone numbers: (404) 991-7914

Healing Massage Spa

This is the second location introduced by The 8 Best Prenatal Massage In Atlanta, which is Healing Massage Spa. Established in 2018. Healing Massage Spa’s Special Massage Skills include pain-relieving techniques in China that have long been proven to work on body areas such as the neck, shoulders, back, and hips.
This provides incredible pain relief for the client. This therapy will provide mental support and create good emotions almost immediately. The traditional massages at this spa are sure to please pregnant women.

Address: 2525 Shallowford Rd Ste 006 Marietta, GA 30066

Phone numbers: (470) 821-2348

Lenox Massage & Spa

Established in 2018. Lenox Massage & Spa is one of The 8 Best Prenatal Massage In Atlanta would recommend. This is a good quality massage place for pregnant women with staff with many years of experience in body and foot massage.

Lenox Massage will help you step out of your busy life to enjoy peace and relaxation. The goal of this spa is to provide professional massage skills at affordable prices in a tranquil, luxurious space and help you develop a healthy lifestyle.

Lenox Massage & Spa

Lenox Massage specializes in full body massage and foot reflexology. Massage has many benefits. For the same reasons that massage is relaxing, it can also reduce anxiety and depression.

Massage lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which leads to high morale and often lowers blood pressure. Massage has also been linked to reduced stiffness and pain, as well as better range of motion. At Lenox Massage, it will help pregnant women have better health and relax their body.

Address: 2770 Lenox Rd NE Ste B-7 Atlanta, GA 30324

Phone number: (404) 600-3180

Spa Sydell

Founded in 1982. Spa Sydell was the Atlantas’ first day spa. Recently, it added additional services to cater to pregnant women. Sydell Spa offers a relaxing space with top quality service, quality products, integrated aesthetics and a wide range of wellness services.

With over 75 spa services available including: Facial Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Microneedling. With advanced anti-aging technology, Sydell Spa offers a holistic approach to care.

Spa Sydell

Combines a luxurious day spa with cutting-edge medical treatment technology. This is also an interesting place for pregnant women that The 8 Best Prenatal Massage In Atlanta recommends for you.

Address: 4520 Olde Perimeter Way Ste 200 Atlanta, GA 30346

Phone number: (470) 750-0249

The Art Of Touch Massage

Established in 2007. The Art Of Touch Massage is a small yellow house specializing in therapeutic massage for pregnant women. This is not only a relaxing space but also the perfect place to take care of your health. With a team of professional spa staff will bring great changes to your health.

Address: 855 Peachtree St NE Ste 2B Atlanta, GA 30308

Phone numbers: (404) 602-4054

Vinings Massage & Wellness

Vinings Massage & Wellness

Founded in 2011 and owned and operated by Cara & Patrick Thurman. Vinings Massage & Wellness is a wonderful spa with prestigious services that many pregnant women choose as a relaxing place.

Inspired by the shape of a budding fern leaf, the Koru symbol represents Renewal and Restoration. At Vinings Massage & Wellness, our goal is to refresh customers, restore their bodies and bring them back to a state of relaxation.

Address: 2900 Paces Ferry Rd SE Bldg D Atlanta, GA 30339

Phone number: (404) 492-8582

Massage Infinity

Massage Infinity is the next place that we recommend. With a quiet space, professional and experienced staff in massage for pregnant women. This is definitely a place for you to relax as well as treat stress disorders of the body.

The space and high quality service will satisfy even the most demanding guests.

Address: 3242 Peachtree Rd NE Ste B Atlanta, GA 30305

Phone numbers: (678) 922-4103

Essence N Touch Massage Therapy

Essence N Touch Massage Therapy is the last place where The 8 Best Prenatal Massage In Atlanta shares information with you. If you are busy with preparations for the birth of your baby but still want to get a massage then this is the perfect place for you.

Not only can you use massage treatments at the spa, but you can also use it at home with Essence N Touch Massage Therapy’s at-home service. All you need to do is schedule a time and make an appointment with the spa staff. Experience the ultimate relaxation of this place.

Address: 710 Concord Rd SE Smyrna, GA 30082

Phone numbers: (678) 790-8582

During pregnancy the body is very tired and stressed, the use of prenatal massages can be very good for health. However, you should consult your doctor or health professional to achieve the best results. Hopefully the article The 8 Best Prenatal Massage In Atlanta will provide you with useful information.

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